Randy (aragaith) wrote,

Camry Revival Day 2

so the camry is almost alive again...alarm is fully ripped out, all the crappy wiring work done to put it in was fixed, also fixed up some other wiring sillyness that was done to make shit work but ultimately failed also was redone...

everything works...except for the EFI, so the car is in the state it was about 2 years ago when the EFI crapped out, the original fix was one of the shoddy wiring jobs mentioned above, it was pulling power form elsewhere to not really fix the problem, we got the car to fully start for about a second and then a fuse blew. i would also liek to thank solange for letting me salvage parts of her camry as some of the relays stolen from that car are now making mine almost run again. :D

now to let the perosn helping out do a bit of research and figure out what to check next to fix this problem...wheeeee
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